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We are actively developing Wikipedia Speedruns preparing for an official release! This means that things might be broken, have bugs, or have stability issues. Your understanding and feedback during this time are really appreciated!


As Wikipedia Speedruns has grown, so have the costs of maintaining the site. We have therefore decided to start introducing ads onto our website. The hope is that these ads will are not intrusive and do not negatively affect your experience too much. Once the ad revenue surpasses the cost of hosting our servers, we will donate half of the excess to Wikipedia and use the remaining half towards further improving Wikipedia Speedruns. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns

Special Thanks

Special thanks to those who have helped and supported the development process of this game's many components, in alphabetical order:

  • Jason Wong
  • Maya Flannery
  • Nathan Vallapureddy
  • Ryan Tang
  • Stewy Slocum
  • TheMarioArtist (logo)

Created by Daniel Qian, Miles Liu, Brice Halder, Axel Bax, Manan Aggarwal, and Melody Hsu.